Presenting iAutocue v1.0

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the iAutocue presentation.

Let me first start by answering the question that I guess all of you have: What is iAutocue?

iAutocue is a simple Autocue (or Teleprompter) app to help you read your speech at a presentation. The same way I am reading this presentation to you right now!

You can set the letter size and the scroll speed.

It also has a mirror mode, in case you are going to use it with the usual one-way mirror glass.

You can download your Speech (either as plain text or as formated HTML) from your computer or any on-line download file hosting service (like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

The Main (Speech) screen has several controls to help you set up and deliver your speech.

The first thing you do (after you load your speech and select the desired Font Face (both from the Settings Screen)), is set the Font Size that you can comfortably read the text.
(Note: The bigger the font size, the less words will be visible at any time. This might make the speech reading more difficult.)

Using the Slider on the right, set the desired speech-scrolling speed. The Slider will always be visible, to enable you to control the scrolling speed at any time.

On the bottom of the screen (BotS), there is the [Show / Hide All Buttons] button. When you tap it it will toggle the visibility of all the other buttons on this screen.
The 3 BotS buttons will always function, even if they are not visible.
So when you tap the [S/H A B] all the buttons will become invisible, but if you tap again (the area where the [S/H A B] button was) they will all become visible again.

On the left of the [S/H A B] button, there is (if you have selected the "Stop Button" option) a [Stop/Go] Button. This will stop (and resume) the scrolling of the speech, even if it is not visible.

On the right of the [S/H A B] button, there is a small clock. If you tap on it it will toggle its visibility.

Above those 3 BotS buttons there is the [Settings] button. It has to be visible to work.

Above there is the [Show Timer] button (if you have selected the "Use timer", it will stay visible - useful for a "Moment of silence"-type situations).
When tapped, it will show a timer at the top of the screen and when you tap it again, it will start the Timer (counting up, or down, according to your settings) and stop the scrolling of the speech. If you tap the Timer, both buttons will hide and the speech will resume scrolling.

There is also a large [Resume Scroll] button, that appears when needed, just in case.

Of course, you can manually scroll the speech at any time.

This concludes my sort presentation of iAutocue. I hope you liked it.

Please join me, at they foyer of this nice venue, for a glass of wine and answers to your questions about iAutocue.

Thank you for your attention.