Changelog (11/Sep/2016)

Version 1.2.5 - "Strict but Flexible" (11/Sep/2016) Current AppStore Version
  1. Restrictions (75, 90, 120 points) at the Biriba games.
    You can set your desired score for each Restriction level. When a team exceeds that score,
    you will be informed on the Restriction level and it will also be marked at the score table.
  2. New (user requested) Score Board Type: "Final".
    It only shows the final (total) score. Nothing else. Al the other (intermediate) results are hidden.
  3. Option to swap the names at the "Dealing order" (user requested).
    This helps if the names are not entered in the same order as the dealing order.
  4. More options at the coloring window.
    After a user request, to avoid confusion, there are now 2 User Levels for "Coloring Editing",
    "Simple" and "Advanced". In the Simple mode you can choose from 12 themes.
    In the Advanced mode (the old way) you can set any color you want.
  5. Bug fixes (fixes a serious bug with the 'Game Notes').

Version 1.2.4 - "You've got Mail" (22/Jul/2016)

  1. Added the ability to send (via email) a selection or all the Game Results.
  2. Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.3 - "Total Recall" (24/May/2016)

  1. Resume an old game.
    Now the games, that were not finished, can be resumed any time,
    no matter how many new games have been started since.
  2. Score Difference.
    Under each game round, at the score table, there will be a field
    showing the Score point Difference between the 2 first players.

    (User selectable option, with 3 different Field Types)

  3. Under the hood improovments at the score table.
  4. Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.2 - "Who is the Dealer" (28/Oct/2015)

  1. Option to mark who dealt the cards in the current
    hand and to automatically show it for each round.
  2. Trump Card not set notice.

    If you have used Trump Card in your game, it now asks you if you
    want to set it for the next round (if you have forgoten to set it).

  3. Better marking of the Trump Card on the score table.
  4. Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.2.1 - "Name me" (20/Oct/2015)

  1. Option to name your Generic game with the type of the game you will play.
  2. Totally redesigned the Biriba entry screen.
  3. Added 2 Score Board background themes & a button to swap the 2 background colors.
  4. Various bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.2 - "Good Old Times" (10/Oct/2015)

  1. Added specific support for Hearts (2 variants).
  2. Added support for 'Smaller Score Winner' type games (like Hearts)
    In some games, the smaller score is the winner, when the target score is reached.
    Now you can also have 2 or 4-player games with this option.
  3. Ability to set a Trump card (for each hand) and this to be added to the Score Table.
  4. Ability to take Notes (for each game, or total).
  5. Better background options at the "Change-the-Colors Sliders", at the Color Changing windows.
  6. More customizations, other fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 - "Filothei" (22/Sep/2015)

  1. Added specific support for Tichu.
  2. Ability to delete the last Game-Round (in the case you entered a wrong score).
  3. User Interface Color settings!
    You can change (almost) all the colors of the UI.
  4. More User Interface customisations.

Version 1.0 - "Antiparos" (10/Sep/2015)

Initial release for the AppStore.
Biriba and 2 & 4 player Games.

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