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'Diet Plan' Tool
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With the 'Diet Plan' Tool you can enter your own Diet Plan and create the Diet Plan images within iEat5.

You can also send (as email) the Diet Plan data and load it (import it) to another iEat5 (Dietitian mode).

The 'Diet Plan' Tool (as the "Food Tool") consists of 3 main screens:

  1. "Diet Plan": Main screen with your Diet Plan.
  2. "Foods": The list of your Food Items.
    The same screen/list as at the "Food Tool".
    Use it to enter your Food Items at your Diet Plan.
  3. "Settings": Here you can set various parameters of the 'Diet Plan' Tool.
    You can also send your Diet Plan via email.
Main DPT Window Enter your Diet Plan
Entering a Snack alternative
Prepare the Diet Plan
for the Diet Plan Screens
Settings & Tools

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