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'What if...' Screen help

At the 'What if...' screen, you have a tool where you can try different scenarios (based on your meal times so far), in order to better plan your meals for the rest of your day.


Suppose that you have eaten your Breakfast at 8:00 and you just had your Snack at 11:00 but you can't eat your Dinner before 22:30.
How can you schedule your other 3 meals, so you don't deviate from the "plan"?
Let's see one possible scenario.

MealsTimeNotes Hypothetical meals
Breakfast 08:00   08:00
Snack 11:00 3 hours after Breakfast 11:00
Lunch <14:00> Let's delay Lunch for 30 minutes ]14:30[
Tea Snack (18:00) Delay the evening Snack another 30 minutes
Dinner (21:00) And finally another 30 minutes for the Dinner

Hypothetical (fake) times notation legend:
  User inserted meal times: ]hh:mm[
  Calculated replacement:}hh:mm{
  This occurs when you delete a real meal time, but you have
hypothetical meal times after that. In order to fill the gap
created, a calculated hypothetical meal time will be inserted.

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