iMyDJ Changelog (28/11/2012)

Version 1.4 (28/11/2012) (Under development)

Version 1.3 (20/11/2012) Current AppStore Version

  1. NEW: "List Download" - Instead of entering the music files, one-by-one, you can download the index file (or directory listing), and just select them from there.
  2. iPhone5 support
  3. UI Tweaks and bug fixes.

Version 1.2 (6/5/2012)

  1. NEW: Up to 4 Playlists (with customized colors & names).
    (Major (and colorful) update!)
  2. Tweaks and bug fixes.
Version 1.1.1 (27/4/2012)
  1. Small bug fix
Version 1.1 (20/4/2012)
  1. Important: Fixed a bug that caused the "Free Space" calculation to be very wrong (and as a consequence there was no safeguard for over-filling your disk)! - Now if you have less than 100MB free, it will not allow you to add more song/music files (the upgrade is a must!).
  2. New: Animated GUI (few items for now, more to come)
  3. Other bug fixes
  4. "Rearranged" code. No impact to the end user, but the result is a better program.
  5. iAd
    (Yes, starting from v1.1 there would be 2 iMyDJ versions. A free version and a paid one)
Version 1.0 (6/4/2012)
Initial release for the AppStore

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