iMyDJ : Playlist Edit Help
(From the "Help pages" of the iMyDJ app)

You can change the Playlist names & colors and you can even set the number of active Playlists available (0 to 4).

In order to edit the Playlists, go to the "About" screen, and press the [Edit Lib] button and then press the [Playlist Titles] button.
On the lower part of the "Edit Playlist Titles" screen there are 5 buttons (labeled from 0 to 4). Using those buttons you can select the number of the active Playlists. If you make a Playlist inactive, it will be (re)named as . If you activate back a Playlist, it will be (re)named as Playlist #n (where n is the number of the Playlist).

On the top of the settings pane (blue rounded-box) there are 4 buttons (labeled from 1 to 4). Those are the select a Playlist buttons. When you press one of them, the respected Playlist is loaded on the edit field and its background color is loaded on the 3 sliders (Red, Green, Blue). You can change the name of the Playlist to any name up to 15 characters. You can also change the background color, using the 3 sliders, to (almost*) any color.

*Note #1: The background color cannot be too dark, or too bright. If you select such a color, then you can use the button on the lower right (appropriately named), to fix the brightness.

Note #2: If you want to reset the colors to the default ones, set (in any Playlist) the background color to either complete black (all sliders to the far left), or complete white (all sliders to the far right) and press the [Too Dark/Too Bright] button (described in Note #1).

Note #3: All the changes are saved once you press the [Save P/L Titles] button and you exit the "Edit Playlist Titles" screen. If you press the [Cancel] button, all the changes you did (in that session) will be ignored.

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