iPhone BackupFull
by Mr. Gik

Make a full backup of your iPhone using tar.
Run backupFull.sh from a shell to make 3 tar files of all your data.
It also includes a restore program (restoreFull.sh) and a program (cmp_backupsFull.pl) to compare the varius tar files from different backup dates
(stored in ~root/Backups/FullBackup/).

It takes 3 arguments, one for each .tar file.
Note #1:
They need to be executed as root.

Note #2:
I assume that you have used the 'Free Disk Space' command of the "BossTool" app to move your Fonts, Ringtones & Apps to the 2nd Partition of your iPhone.
If you haven't DO IT NOW!

Note #3:
The 'restoreFull.sh' is Extremely Dangerous!!
It can render your iPhone completely inoperable and may lead to TOTAL loss of ALL your data!

Do NOT use unless you know what you are doing!

You have been warned.
Don't come crying to me if you mess your iPhone!!

Note #4:
After running the backupFull.sh program its a good thing to copy the resulting tar files to your computer. Having them on your iPhone, does not cover you if it gets stolen, or if you can't access the data due to a major crash, disk failure, or any other reason.
Also the files may become rather large, so they will reduce the storage capacity of your iPhone.

Example (the most common case):

# ~root/bin/backupFull.sh b . b
Makes a full backup of all the files on your iPhone exept the iTunes stuff, the Movies, the Photos and the JasonKit/Maps dirs that are omited in this example
(2nd argument is all that & a '.' means omit).

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