iEat by Mr. Gik

A program to facilitate your "5-meal plan" diet.
You enter your eating times and your iPhone reminds you after 3 hours (4 after your lunch) for your next meal.

You get a listing of the past meal times and the projected times.
Also how long it has been from your last meal and the maximum and minimum next-meal-times.

Note #1: You have to manualy enter your diet plans in the /Applications/ dir as 320x416 pixel .png files named Pxx.png [where xx is the plan number (example P03.png)] and you have to "cut" the image to 5 images 320x140 .png files named m1u.png to m5u.png where each file has 1 meal (m1u.png for Breakfast, m2u.png for Snak, etc).

Note #2: You can have many P##.png files with no gaps in the numbers (ex 03 to 12 with all numbers from 3 to 12 present).

Note #3: You can ONLY have 5 m#u.png files (the current plan).

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