iWakeUp3 by Mr. Gik

Version 1.2.1 is online.

Check the 'Changelog' at the bottom of the page

Comments, suggestions for the next version, contributions, etc, are welcomed.

A wakeup app like no other!
You want to wakeup more ... relaxed?
You want to wakeup not at once, but in stages and with your choice of favorite music?
And you don't want to search in the darkness for the "stop" button to silence the alarm!
Then iWakeUp3 is for you!

You get 3 alarm times with your choice of music. You can silence the alarm by touching anywhere on your iDevice.
The app even auto quits after the 3rd alarm ("Quit-On-Done").

Guided tour (under construction)

Note #1: iPod, iPhone & iPad native support.

At the 1st alarm time
(Alarm active mode)
At the 2nd alarm time
(Alarm active mode)
At the 2nd alarm time
(Alarm stoped mode)
At the 3rd alarm time
(Alarm active mode)

Page is under construction...

Apple's 'App Review Board' does NOT allow me to use the "Quit-On-Done" mode.

If you would like the "Quit-On-Done" mode and you think that an "auto quit" mode would be useful to you, then use this communication form to send me a request for it.

I hope, that if I get enough requests, I try to convince them to allow this function.

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