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Version 1.3 is available on the AppStore.

Version 1.4 is under development.
Comments, suggestions, contributions, etc, are welcomed.

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Created after a request from my Daughter (age 10 at the time) to solve a problem with her new iPod.

Problem #1: You want to install some music but not in a "public" place (like in the iTunes account of your Dad's computer) and you are not allowed to have your own iTunes account.

What do you do?: You use iMyDJ!

Problem #2: You got a new iDevice you install a bunch of stuff (you manage to get ahead in some games), then you want to install some music.
But you never sync your iDevice with your computer, so now you have to erase all your Apps/Data.

What do you do?

You load your songs to iMyDJ and you forget iTunes altogether! ;-)

So, what is iMyDJ?

iMyDJ is a plain & simple music/song player.
You just load your songs/music files in iMyDJ (from the provided interface).
And you have your privacy. ;-)

That's all.

You even get a "repeat", up to 4 "playlists" (with customized colors & names) and a "Screen Saver" function!
Also you can change the playback volume (of your music playback, not the system volume of your iDevice) and scrub (rewind or fast-forward) the playback.

It's not iTunes, but you can't have them all!

Password protection, on a next version.

Frequently Asked Questions (in a few days)   <-•->   Download area

Note #1: You have to have at least 1 .mp3 music file (otherwise, you can test it from my download area)
Then you must place them in a web server (any Mac can be used to serve ('share') files - you don't have to be connected to the internet) and then you can download them from the app.
(They will be placed in the directory)

Note #2: You can have any number of .mp3 files. The files will be listed in alphabetical order.

Note #3: The filename (without the .mp3 extension) is shown as the song title.

Note #4: iPod, iPhone & iPad native support.

iPhone iPhone iPhone

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