iPhone Apps by Mr. Gik

Applications _ Descriptions
1. iEat5 & iEat5! : A program to facilitate your "5-meal plan" diet.
and to keep track of your weight loss!
(Greek & English) - Prices: iEat5 = free / iEat5! = affordable
2. iPicFrame : A very simple picture/photo slide show/image viewer.
No zoom, no effects. Plain and simple.
For image files NOT in the Photo Album.
3. iMyDJ : A very simple music/song player.
For music files NOT in the iTunes library.
4. iWakeUp3 : A simple music alarm clock to wake you up ... nicely.

5. iAlert3 : Notification Alert maker (with 3 groups of Alerts).

6. iSpinWheel : A simple Spinning Wheel game.
Regular Spinning Wheel and "Magic 8-Ball" Modes
7. iSpeedDial : A simple dialer app for your iPhone.
You provide the interface/appearance (in HTML) of the app.
8. iCardsScore : To keep track of your Card Games Score.
For 2 or 4 player Games. Special options for Birimpa, Tichu and Hearts Games.
9. iAutocue : To help you deliver your speech at a presentation.
(Also called a Teleprompter)

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All programs are designed for and based upon the wonderful design of iOS 6
(the last iOS consistent with the original values & principles of Steve Job's Apple)
(but they probably work OK with the newer iOS versions also)

Info, comments, help, suggestions: iphone (at) gik.gr
(very important: Use as subject the name of the App (ex: "iEat5") otherwise the spam filter will reject it)
... or just use this communication form.
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