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How to send me your Diet, so I can make for you the 'Meal Plan' & 'Meal Info' files

Step 1: Write your 'Meal Plan'

Enter your diet, or 'Meal Plan', using any text editor or word processor.

I use TextEdit (any text editor/word processor will do) and I set it up like the image on the right.

Note #1: If you can, clearly separate the 5 meals, like I show in the example.

Note #2: The given example file is bilingual (English & Greek). If you can't read the Greek text, just ignore it. (anyway, the Greek text is the same as the English one)

Note #3: You can have as many 'Meal Plan' images as you want, but you need (at least) 1 image to get rid of the annoying message when the App starts.

Download template

Step 2: Send them to me

Once you have everything written and checked, email the .rtf file to me at the address iPhone (at) and (very important!) enter subject: "iEat5".

Step 3: Wait until I send you a reply with the URL

Within 2 to 5 days I will send you the URL to enter to the App to download the files.

Step 4: Upload the (1+5) images in the App

Launch the App and at the 'Internet Connection Central' screen, enter the URL of the Pxxx.png file (for the 'Meal Plan' image) I send you. Press the (large) button to download the 'Meal Plan' image.

Then, just enter the direcory name (your user-name in my Repo, as a URL) (for the 5 'Individual Meal' images) and press the (smaller) button.
(Even if you keep the same URL (of the 'Meal Plan' image) the App is smart enough to remove the Pxxx.png part and try to load the 5 images.)

To download the 'Meal Plan' image press:

To download the 5 'Individual Meal' images press:

John Smith's files

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