iPicFrame Changelog (27/11/2012)

Version 1.3 (27/11/2012) (Under development)
  1. Increased security: Now it needs a password to access the "Edit Images" button (4 chars minimum).
  2. Shaking bug fixed.
Version 1.2 (23/11/2012) Submitted
  1. Private image folder (with password protection).
  2. Shaking your iDevice, while in the Automatic Slideshow Mode, pauses/resumes the Slideshow.
  3. Added a "Ideal image dimensions" display.
    Serves mainly as a guideline for the image dimensions ratio (width vs height)
  4. iPhone5 support.
  5. Tweaks and bug fixes.
Version 1.1 (16/4/2012) Current AppStore Version
  1. Automatic Slideshow Mode
    (and you can set the time between slides (min = 0.1 sec))
  2. Restart Slide Show button (in Settings screen)
  3. Bug fixes & UI tweaks.
Version 1.0 (29/3/2012)
New: Now you can also delete the images

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