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Version 1.2 is online.

Version 1.3, is under development.
Comments, suggestions, contributions, etc, are welcomed.

Check the 'Changelog' at the bottom of the page

A very simple picture/photo slide show/image viewer.
No zoom, no effects. Plain and simple.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to show some pictures from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to someone and they mess up your album?
If yes, then this App is for you!

You just load your images in this App (from the provided interface) and when you give your iDevice to somebody, they can only browse through those pictures.
No messing up your album, no deleting images, nothing!
Plain, simple and ... idiot proof! ;-)

By hitting the [Hide] button, the NavBars are hidden (first the bottom one and then the top), but the buttons still work!
So you have your image shown full screen, but also you get all the navigation capabilities, even if they are hidden.
(shaking your iDevice, also hides/shows the NavBars)

New in V1.1: Automatic Slideshow Mode (ASM) (you can set the time between slides)
Once you start the Automatic Slideshow Mode (ASM), the only buttons that are active (even when they are hidden) are the left & right arrows, the [Hide] button and the (stop) Slideshow button.

New in V1.2: Shaking your iDevice, while in the Automatic Slideshow Mode, pauses/resumes the Slideshow.

Note: For security reasons, the [Edit Images] button,
is visible only from the 'About' screen.
The 'About' screen is accessible only from the
first or the last image, if the bottom NavBar is shown.

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Note #1: You have to prepare (at least 1) image file (as a 320x480 pixel (minimum) .png file (or 768x1024 (maximum) for the iPad))
Then you must place them in a web server (any Mac can be used to serve ('share') files - you don't have to be connected to the internet) and then you can download them from the app.
(They will be placed in the iPicFrame.app/Documents/ directory)

Note #2: You can have many P##.png files as long as the filename starts with a P and ends with a .png. The files will be listed in alphabetical order.
(ex. For files P03.png & P12.png the file P12.png will be considered as the more recent, i.e. the last one.)

Note #3: The filename (actually a part of it) is shown in the title bar. So if you name the image file as: "P2295+21-03-2012_Kids.png" on the title bar you will see "21/03/2012 Kids".
(Uses the part after the + (plus sign). The - (dash) will be replaced by a / (slash) and the _ (underscore) by a space.)

Note #4: iPod, iPhone & iPad native support.

iPhone iPhone
iPhone iPad

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