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How to make the image files

Step 1: Create your image(s)

Cut your image(s) to the following sizes according to your device:
  • 320x480   : iPhone3GS & iPod (no retina display)
  • 640x960   : iPhone4 & iPhone4s (retina display)
  • 768x1024 : iPad
    (any resolution (with these proportions) can be used, but it's not recommended)

The file must be saved as a PNG image format, under a name that starts with the letter P and has the extension .png. If you have more than one file, they will be presented to you in the alphabetical order of their filenames.

(ex: if you have the files:
the App will show you image P2012-03-26.png first and image P2012-01-09.png last)
(The filenames can be (almost) anything. The App only cares for the 1st letter and the extension. You have to name them in the order you want them to appear.)
The title on the top NavBar is derived from the filename of the image.
The first part (until the + (plus sign) is ignored (use this for shorting purposes)). The .png is also ignored.
The - (minus sign) is translated to / and the _ (underscore) is translated to space.

Example: If the filename is P002+21-03-2012_Kids.png it will be shown as 21/03/2012 Kids
(and assuming you have a P001+xxx.png image, it will be shown second in the list)

If no + (plus sign) is found, all the filename will be used, except the first P and the .png part.

Step 2: Upload the image in the App

Place your image(s) in a (shared) folder of your computer, turn on (if required) your computers web server
('Web Sharing' in the 'Sharing' preference pane on the Mac)
and from the App, enter the URL of the Pxxx.png file.

Press the [Fetch Files] button to download the image.

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