(old) iPhone Apps (for jailbroken iPhone iOS 1.1.4) by Mr. Gik

(add iphone.gik.gr/iOS_1.1.4/i.xml to your iPhone Installer (not supported anymore))

8_Applications_ _ Descriptions
1. iNameday : Make a list with all your contacts that contain a name (substring) so as to call them or send them an e-mail to wish them "Happy Nameday".
(Greek with Latin-Alphabet Contacts only)
2. iConcertLight : Turn (literally) your iPhone into a concert lighter.
I got the idea from a concert at the Hellenic Cosmos Theatron.
Note: You have to keep your iPhone upside-down
(English only)
3. iEat : A program to facilitate your "5-meal plan" diet.
(Greek only)
4. BackupFull : Make a full backup of your iPhone using tar.
The 'restoreFull.sh' is Extremely Dangerous!!
Do NOT use unless you know what you are doing!
(English only)
I am insanely grateful to Erica Sadun (www.ericasadun.com) for creating all those marvelous commands and utilities, helping the iPhone community.

All programs are tested on the 1.1.4 Firmware

Enough with the past... Back to the present!

Info, comments, help, suggestions: iphone (at) gik.gr Copyright: Mr. Gik 2008