Changelog (10/Feb/18)

iEat5! (Versions starting with 2)   &   iEat5 (Versions starting with 1)

Versions 2.25.2 & 1.25.2 - "Small Things" (10/Feb/18) Current AppStore Version
    Small tweeks at the "Diet Plan Tool":
  1. Reduced the "Minimum possible Font Size" in the "Diet Plans".
  2. Added the capability to set a title (or a marker) to your "Diet Plan" when you save it.

Versions 2.25.1 & 1.25.1 - "More Meals" (12/Jan/18)
  1. Minor upgrade: Up to version 2.25 you could enter up to 6 alternatives for each meal. Now you can enter up to 8.

Versions 2.25 & 1.25 - "All-in-one" (16/Apr/16)
  1. New Tool: Diet Plan maker!
    "Diet Plan Tool": enter your own Diet Plan and create the D.P. images within iEat5.
    You can also send (as email) the Diet Plan data and load it (import it) to another iEat5 (Dietitian mode).
    (More info about the 'Diet Plan' Tool)
  2. Better 'D.P. images' download code (now you can actualy cancel the connection).
  3. Cosmetic changes & Bug fixes.

Versions 2.24.1 & 1.24.1 - "Captain's Log supplemental" (30/Dec/15)
  1. Alphabetical index at the "Food Item Table".
  2. Cosmetic changes & Bug fixes.

Versions 2.24 & 1.24 - "Captain's Log" (9/Dec/15)
  1. New Tool: Record your Meal History! (As requested by iEat5 user Maria L.)
    "Food Tool": you can enter all your meals (what food did you ate) and keep track your nutrition program.
    (More info about the Food Tool)

Versions 2.23.2 & 1.32.2 - "Fix my Plans" (10/10/2015)
  1. Better background at the "Change-the-Colors Sliders", at the Color Changing windows.
    You have 2 modes: Gradient and Plain (the old way). iEat5! only
  2. Bug fixes (Diet Plans now work again).

Versions 2.23.1 - "Paste my Copy" (24/09/2015) (iEat5! only)
  1. Added a "Copy - Paste" color mechanism, at the Color Changing windows.
    Now you can Copy a color and then Paste it to any other color category (in any of the 3 color-changing windows).
  2. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.23 & 1.23 - "Gesture me happy" (31/07/2015)
  1. On the Diet Plan screens, you can swipe (left or right) in order to change page/plan.
    (The Curl-up/Curl-Down change page animation has been reversed to better reflect the swipe move).
    Also, you can rotate your device to enlarge the horizontal viewing area,
    zoom-in & zoom-out the Diet Plan image (the standard way),
    double tap on it to toggle the zoom level and you can even
    2-finger swipe to jump to the 1st or last Diet Plan.
  2. On the iPhone5 (and higher), double-tap on the "Filler image" (on the bottom of various screens)
    to access the Navigation panel.
  3. Now the graph is drawn in the background.
    Very useful when you switch graphs (multiple Weight Profiles) or if you have
    multiple graph screens (or pages) that slow down the graph creation process (Version 2.xx only).

    Bonus: Double-tap on the Graph, to activate the Ruler.
  4. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.22.1 & 1.22.1 - "Touch Me More!" (29/04/2015)
  1. The Graph Ruler for the BWRT Graph, now works regardless of the rotation of your device
    (except the landscape-left rotation (only in the iEat5! version), where the screen is on the left, and the button is on the right.
    This orientation is being used to switch between the various 'Weight Profiles'.)
  2. Bug fixes.
  3. Moved to 64-Bit compatible code (but had to drop iOS 5 compatibility).

Versions 2.22 & 1.22 - "Touch Me!" (26/03/2015)
  1. New Tool: Graph Ruler!
    Rotate, your iDevice, to the right (screen right, button on the left) to use the Graph Ruler Tool.
    Touch the central part of the Graph to activate the Ruler.
    Touch the top part of the Ruler, to activate the horizontal (Weight values) Ruler.
  2. In-app Changelog page (subset of this page) with a demo capability.
  3. Bug fixes and better 'Body Weight Recording Tool' activation.

Versions 2.21 & 1.21 - "Family ties" (18/02/2015)
  1. New Option: Weight Profiles.
    Now you can keep track of more than one persons weight loss progress
    (2 for the light version, up to 8 for the full version).
    Each profile comes with its own BMI data, Target Weight data
    and even weight measurement time preference!
  2. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.20.1 & 1.20.1 - "This is Heavy too" (5/11/2014)
  1. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.20 & 1.20 - "This is Heavy" (31/10/2014)
  1. Major Update: Now iEat5 can keep track of your weight!
    "Body Weight Recording Tool": Its like 2 apps in 1!
  2. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.10 - "Is this Heavy?" (9/1/2014) (Interim version)
  1. "Body Weight Recording Tool" - First release

Versions 2.05 & 1.15 - "Small tweaks" (29/5/2013)
  1. Fixed the "Smaller 'Diet Plan file'" error (Look at FAQ Q#6).
  2. Auto toggle 'Meal Names' with 'Time Diffs'.
  3. Linguistic tweaks (Change "Press" to "Tap" & "Ειδοποιήσεις" to "Γνωστοποιήσεις").

Versions 2.04 & 1.14 - "You've Got Mail!" (30/12/2012)
  1. Capability to email a 'Diet Plan file' (from the "Utilities & Tips" screen). *NEW* - user requested
  2. Added an indication of the Optimum image size for the 'Diet Plan' image files.
  3. Option to download your own image as the filler image of the iPhone 5 display. Sample image)
  4. Fixed a bug that prevented shake detection on the iPad.
  5. Other bug fixes.

Versions 2.03 & 1.13 - "Clean-up & grow" (21/11/2012)
  1. Capability to delete unwanted 'Diet Plan files' (from the "Utilities & Tips" screen).
  2. Added a Network activity indicator (during the loading of web pages, etc).
  3. A little better handling of the 'Diet Plan files' on the iPad
    (you may have to fix your images, if they don't have the correct dimensions (look at the Images size info table)).
  4. Support for the iPhone 5 display.
  5. Bug fixes.

Versions 2.02 & 1.12 - "Flex my UI" (26/10/2012)
  1. Added an option to change the left button on the "Main Screen".
  2. Added help for the "Text Color Settings" (iEat5! only).
  3. Fine tuning the iPad screen elements result at more crisp text & UI.
  4. Renamed the Greek name of "Main Screen" from "Αρχική Σελίδα" to "Κύρια Οθόνη".
  5. Changed the (Greek only) font of the screen headers due to a bug in the Greek iOS6 MarkerFelt font.
    (will revert back, when (and if) Apple fixes the bug)

iEat5!  V 2.01 - "Let me go!" (18/10/2012) (Not released)
iEat5   V 1.11 - "Let me go!" (16/10/2012)
  1. Simplify "Settings" screen.
  2. Added a "Interface Settings" screen.
  3. Added a "Quit-on-Done" setting.
  4. Bug fixes.

 iEat5! (paid edition) 

Version 2.0 - "Plus Edition" (6/9/2012)

Changes from Version 1.10:

  1. Two set of Notification settings: Weekday (Monday to Friday) & Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) settings.
  2. Maximum vs Minimum next meal times at the "What If..." screen.
  3. User Interface Color settings! You can change (almost) all the colors of the UI. *NEW* (look)
  4. Ad free!

 iEat5 (free edition) 

Version 1.10 - "Prelude" (1/10/2012)
  1. Info on upcoming iEat5! (plus) edition.
  2. Minor image change (2 images) to resolve copyright(!) issues.
  3. Minor technical tweak on the HTML help pages.
  4. Bug fixes & fixes for iOS 6.
Version 1.9 - "Last but not least" (6/9/2012) (Interim version - Not released)
  1. Better color for the 'Theoretical' meals (dark green).
  2. Minor visual improvement of "Meal Time Difference" field.
  3. Bug fixes.
Version 1.8 - "Eye Candy" (31/8/2012)
  1. Color-coded Meal Times.
    'Past Meal Times' are colored dark blue, 'Next Meal' red, subsequent meals orchid (lighter) blue & 'Theoretical' meals light green.
  2. Temporary (only for the next meal) notification settings (Look at FAQ Q#4).
  3. Animation speed selection (fast & slow).
  4. Shake, to undo any changes at the "Notification Settings" screen.
  5. Better handling of iPad 3 (New iPad) retina display.
  6. Visual improvement of alert dialog boxes.
  7. Fixed a bug at the "next day" detection (now the "next day" starts at 5:00am).
Version 1.7 - "Old Debts" (25/7/2012)
  1. Better handling of the "next day" detection.
    Warning: Updating to v1.7 (and larger) will cause iEat5 to think that you are on a new day.
    This happens only on the day you update iEat5 & it is caused due to a change in the preferences file.
  2. Fixed a bug that occurs when you do not have a "Meal Plan" picture installed.
  3. More UI Tweaks & Bug fixes.
  4. "Breakfast Run" Easter Egg (more on that later).
Version 1.6 - "It's Alive!" (26/4/2012)
  1. Huge GUI update: Animations!
    (you can disable them if you don't like them, but I think they spice up the user interface)
    Don't miss this upgrade! The animations alone, make it worth your while! (look)
  2. Also added a "Splash screen" (& some "Easter Eggs"). ;-)
  3. More UI Tweaks & Bug fixes.
  4. Better handling the "background state".
  5. "Rearranged" code. No impact to the end user, but the result is a better program.
  6. iAd
    [Yes, starting from v1.6 there would be 2 iEat versions. A free version (iEat5) and a paid one (iEat5!)]
Version 1.5 - "Batman" (21/3/2012)
  1. Better 'Notification Alerts' handling (Now you can re-submit the Notification Alerts - look at FAQ Q#2).
  2. Notification Alerts for "What if..." times.
  3. Re-designed settings & new screen for all the Notification Alert settings.
  4. UI Tweaks (drop shadows!).
  5. Bug fixes.
Version 1.4 - "Theorem" (4/3/2012)
  1. "What if...": Create a hypothetical (fake) schedule of your meal times to better program your day. *NEW*
  2. More help pages (still not complete) & improved website navigation.
    FAQ page added (send your questions!).
  3. User Interface tweaks.
  4. Tweaks and bug fixes.
Version 1.3 - "Oups" (29/2/2012) (Interim version - Not released)
  1. Fixed iPad shake bug. Now shake works on the iPad also.
  2. Fixed 'old version' bug. Now the language strings are loaded.
    (If you had that problem, in the first screen you would see, instead of the 5 meal titles, a text saying: "5 Meal Titles"
    and you had to remove the App and reinstall it)
Version 1.2 - "Shake 'n bake" (22/2/2012)
  1. Shake the device to see the "shortcuts". *NEW*
  2. Better image-download handling - option to cancel download.
  3. "Re-calculate" time (check the website for info) if you exceed the maximum-next-meal time.
  4. More help pages (still not complete) & a little better website navigation.
  5. Tweaks and bug fixes.
Version 1.1 - "TNG" (17/1/2012)
  1. Settings for the 'Notification Alerts'. *NEW*
  2. Improved download interface.
  3. Load 'Meal Plans' from camera album.
  4. Improved navigation (shortcuts from 'screen' to 'screen').
Version 1.0 - "Phoenix" (9/1/2012)
Initial (re)release for the AppStore.

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